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Waste Management Solutions for Industrial Symbiosis

Based in the North West, Recircled Resources is a small team of specialist waste management consultants here to help businesses repurpose waste products into new raw materials. We work with organisations to find workable waste management solutions that feed into the circular economy, and turn waste back into valuable raw materials. With decades of expertise in industrial ecology, we use our unique mix of engineering, scientific and technological knowledge to craft bespoke solutions that create industrial symbiosis.

Valorize Waste Streams

Valorize Waste Streams

We work with companies from Liverpool, Manchester and other major cities across the UK who seek an effective waste management solution to repurpose waste currently going to landfill or who wish to push waste up the value chain.

Do you currently generate a waste stream from your operation with the potential to bring value? We help businesses understand the chemistry and classification of their waste, and if appropriate, craft a bespoke waste management plan that takes that waste on a journey to a useable product. Our consultants will research and manage the legislative, processing, storage and logistics options required to make the transformation a reality.

Alternative Raw Materials

Alternative Raw Materials

We can help businesses across the North West navigate through the complex waste management arena to identifying more circular economy outcomes for wastes, generating new raw materials, whilst simultaneously helping with compliance. We ensure that the UK regulators guidelines are always met. We do this using a range of innovative approaches, including waste classification, and industrial ecology.

Resource efficiency is at the core of what we do. With a firm grounding in the waste hierarchy, our waste management company are always applying the principles of Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Industrial Ecology Advice

Industrial Ecology Advice

Our environmental and waste management consultants can assess your industrial systems to help you better understand the impact your business has on the environment. We work with companies across the UK to identify and implement strategies to reduce environmental impact and find ways to use fewer natural resources as well as find new uses for waste materials or by-products.

We use a multidisciplinary approach incorporating economics, engineering, geographical information systems, technology and environmental science, to create industrial symbiosis in the way we use materials.

Are you a UK business looking to maximise the value of your waste resources? Please reach out to us to find out how we can craft a bespoke waste management plan for your business.

What can we do for you?

  • Create potential value for your waste
  • Find more cost effective and circular inputs
  • Manage costs and Liabilities
  • GIS intelligence
  • Offer high quality consultation advice

What is our aim?

Our goal as a waste management company is to drive innovation in order to take resources on a journey from low value waste to high value product, eliminating liability and creating opportunity through industrial ecology practices.

Innovation in waste management

In today’s world it has become increasingly paramount to utilise all available resources in the most environmentally sustainable way.

Our goal is to drive innovation to take the resources generated by businesses across the North West on a journey from low value waste to high value product, eliminating liability and creating opportunity.

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